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New Scientist: atheism is irrational and culturally conditioned

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Jonathan Lanman lectures in anthropology in Oxford.

His article in the New Scientist last week analysed atheism from an anthropological and sociological perspective, and far from finding it to be the coolly rational phenomenon that it claims to be, found its main public manifestations (“strong atheism” or anti-theism, as opposed to the meek and largely silent non-theism) to be both irrational and culturally conditioned.

There is a good review and summary here.

Also this week, promoting his book Divinity of Doubt, Vincent Bugliosi lays into the poor reasoning – the irrationality – of most atheism:

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The History of Fundamentalism – and America’s bizarre relationship with creation and evolution

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The original fundamentalists were members of a protestant movement in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century, proudly coining the title and declaring the five fundamentals of their faith: the inspiration and literal inerrancy of the bible, the virgin birth, a theology of the crucifixion as a substitutionary sacrifice for atonement, the bodily resurrection of Christ, and the forthcoming bodily return of Christ. Different groups produced different versions of the list, but the clarity of the stance overall pulled off a major coup: they managed to fix themselves in the American (and now the global) mind as the real Christians, and those they opposed (the liberals and the modernists) as less than the real deal.

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It is raining DNA outside – Richard Dawkins in The Blind Watchmaker

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A poetry programme on Radio 4 this week included this beautiful piece from Richard Dawkins in The Blind Watchmaker (emphasis added).

It is raining DNA outside. On the bank of the Oxford canal at the bottom of my garden is a large willow tree, and it is pumping downy seeds into the air.

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Science as Religion and Religion as Science

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The new atheist says, “science true, religion false”.

The anti-atheist responder says, “science and religion do not deal with the same subject matter”. But the problem is, they do. Both science and religion deal with absolutely everything, or they are not doing their job.

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